Ying-Chih joins as Junior Software Engineer.

MNB Admin

MNB Admin

In the week that we announced the release of our first ever product, MNB Assess, we also appointed Ying-Chih as a Junior Software Engineer. WELCOME Ying-Chih!

Ying-Chih passed her probation with flying colors meaning that she joins us as a permanent full time member of the team! In the past three months Ying-Chih has been accountable for a number of the features that you see in MNB Assess today. She was also solely responsible for our ‘MNB Assess landing page’ and has been styling the application to ensure users get the best experience possible. Ying-Chih has made the roll out of MNB Assess a lot quicker, a lot better and a lot nicer, and we cannot wait to see what else she can bring with a bit of time behind her.

Our co-founder and CTO, Adam, passed on these words: “It’s hard to believe Ying-Chih has been with us for only three months! She’s fit right in and wasted no time getting to grips with a new stack and is regularly making meaningful contributions to the codebase. It feels like we’ve been working together for ages. I’m thrilled she’ll be sticking around to help us build more cool stuff with property data.”

So that you get to know Ying-Chih a bit better, we have asked her the questions below:

Tell us something interesting about you.

When Rob and Liam were asked the same question, their answers related to obtaining some sort of license, so I will continue in the same vein… I was trained by Hohner, the world’s biggest harmonica manufacturer from Germany, to become a certified harmonica service technician.

Why did you pick MNB?

I have always wanted to find a job working with geospatial web app development and building a site assessment app sounded perfect to me. MNB is going to help a lot of people spend less time and cost when buying land or property, and that made me want to join so that I can make a real change with the team.

(Also, I love orange and owls, it was a good omen to me when I first saw the MNB logo).

What three words describes MNB for you?

  • Brilliant
  • Open-minded
  • Inclusive

What are your three areas of accountability?

  • Developing user facing features
  • Styling the MNB Assess application and
  • Styling the MNB Assess landing page

What’s your favourite part of the job so far?

There are always challenges with the right level of difficulty for me to learn new skills every day. When I joined the team as a junior front end developer, I was not certain how much I was going to be able to contribute. Everything was daunting to me at the beginning, but three months later, I am now confident in developing new features and styling elements of our app independently.

What is the next big thing for you within MyNestBox?

Improve the user interface and user experience of the MNB Assess app.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about applying for a job at MNB?

If you would like to change the future of the property industry with a super friendly and supportive team, go for it! You will only regret not applying earlier!

Now what? The team at MyNestBox have been working very hard on developing MNB Assess, and we intend to continue improving the application at the same rate..

Welcome to the team Ying-Chih! It’s wonderful to have you onboard.