MyNestBox Welcomes Liam Steadman, Data Engineer

MNB Admin

MNB Admin

More News! We have appointed Liam as a Data Engineer and our first full time technical employee. WELCOME Liam!

Liam has completed his probation! In the past three months Liam has been accountable for commencing the development of entirely novel datasets, automating our pipeline under ETL management, publishing data into our new product (more news to come in the next couple of months) and finally documenting all data and its related code. Liam has been pivotal in ensuring the sustainable technical stack required to thrive with the high growth plans that MyNestBox have in the short to medium term.

Our co-founder and CTO, Adam, requested to say a few words about his appointment:

Liam has been a great addition to the team, getting stuck in right away and taking charge of developing our data pipeline, bringing much needed rigour to how we handle data and developing processes to ensure our data is always available, fast and accurate. Welcome to the team, Liam!

We have asked Liam a couple of questions to get to know him more and his role more closely.

Tell us something interesting about you.

Since I was a kid I’ve loved flying. Now that I’ve finished my PhD I’m hoping to get back into the cockpit to finish my Private Pilots License (PPL) and start making trips as far as a 4 seat Cessna will take me.

Why did you pick MNB?

There’s nothing cooler than taking complex and complicated data, massaging it to find out what it can tell you, and using that data to make well-informed decisions. I love that that’s what MNB is about and that our tools can be used to really help people make more informed choices.

What three words describes MNB for you?

Forward-thinking (does that count as 1 word?), innovative, friendly

What are your three areas of accountability?

Data lake management, data quality, data innovation.

What’s your favourite part of your job so far?

Blending concrete data engineering with planning for our future in research and innovation has been fun. Over the past couple of months I’ve had a great blend of cracking on with work that gives us useful output quickly, and applying for grants to help us build a future in innovative data science.

What is the next big thing for you within MyNestBox?

Creating a national topographical survey using quirky open source data, this should be fun!

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about applying for a job at MNB?

Take a punt. We’re building the next generation of information tools to propel the property industry forwards. If you’re looking for a fun, innovative and forward-thinking team to join then chances are we’re looking for you too!

Now what? MyNestBox has a very clear vision to make land and property buying informed, simple and enjoyable. We are already working on this by searching for, assessing and valuing sites.

Now please join us in (virtually) raising a glass to welcome Liam to our team!