MyNestBox Welcomes a New Member to their Team

MNB Admin

MNB Admin

Big News! We have appointed Robert Crosby as a Central Services Administrator. WELCOME!

Rob has completed his probation! In the last three months Rob has taken charge of: (1) company set up; (2) IT management; (3) HR policy creation; (4) administering the recruitment of new staff and consultants and finally (5) managing the accounting and finances of the organisation. Notably, Rob has been accountable for liaising with Companies House, HMRC, Innovate UK, accountants and other stakeholders to ensure that we are compliant, thriving and in a position to grow quickly. Whilst Rob has been pivotal in the set-up of our company, we would also like to do a shout out to thank him for making sure that the whole team are paid each month with no issues!

Our co-founder and CEO, Henry, requested to say a few words about his appointment: “Rob has set up our business from scratch and made sure that Adam Rogers and I have been able to focus on our product, our tech, our vision and the management of our team. I cannot imagine how our business would have looked without his pivotal contributions to date. Thank you for all that you have done so far, and for all that you are bound to do moving forward.”

We couldn’t write an entire post about Rob without giving him a chance to chime in, so we asked him the questions below:

Tell us something interesting about you.

During Lockdown 1.0 I wanted a ‘busy project’ so I signed up with the Radio Society of Great Britain and studied for, sat, and passed my Foundation Licence exam. So, I am now a licenced HAM Radio operator. Contacts so far have reached as far away as the NE of the USA, a listen in to Australia, and my nearest contact was 200 metres away on my own street!

Why did you pick MNB?

Sometimes things are meant to be and just happen! My previous role was coming to a natural end, the CRM was fully implemented, so I was considering looking for a new challenge … along comes Henry with exciting news about a new venture he is considering setting up with a guy he connected to during the pandemic … a few conversations later and here we are!

What three words describes MNB for you?

  • Exciting
  • Ground-breaking
  • Caring

What are your three areas of accountability?

Company Admin and IT Management, HR and Recruitment and finally Accounting and Finance.

What’s your favourite part of your job so far?

Being involved from day one has allowed me to have input into how things are going to run in terms of company procedures, and to address some of the issues I’ve experienced with previous employers to ensure MyNestBox staff can concentrate on their day jobs without distraction.

What is the next big thing for you within MyNestBox?

Innovate UK first claim process – ensuring MyNestBox optimises the benefits of the award.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about applying for a job at MNB?

Do it! Unless you don’t want to work in an organisation that values you as a person as well as your skills and gives you the opportunity to develop those skills and feel supported … then don’t!

Now what? MyNestBox has a very clear vision to make land and property buying informed, simple and enjoyable. We are already working on this by searching for, assessing and valuing sites.

Thank you for reading, now please join us in (virtually) raising a glass to welcome Rob to our team!